Affordable and Stylish Poncha Apparel

About Us



I created the Poncha in the summer 2016 for my mother who was at the time going on a trip to Israel. I was listening to her talk about the clothing items she would need for her trip. She talked about the 13-hour plane ride, covering her head, and she also mentioned getting baptized in the Jordan River. So, I thought, humm, why don’t I create one garment that’s multifunctional.

I started working on it in July 2016, however her trip wasn’t until October 2016. Besides making the garment multifunctional, it also had to be soft on the skin, lightweight, and easy to pack and travel with. I came up with a few variations and sampled a lot of fabrics. Finally, I thought I had the perfect prototype, but as I carried it around the month of August, I realized I needed to make a few changes. I finally finished it and mailed it to her in September just in time for her trip. Two other ladies that went on the trip also purchased one. As I shared this garment with other people, mainly family, friends and co-workers, I began to take a few orders making a couple of Ponchas a week. During the holidays, and prior to travelling, I was busy sewing Ponchas for customers. The Poncha has since grown and is now being manufactured.

The Poncha is one size fits all, and it comes in many colors. It’s made from a spandex, jersey fabric.

-Anecia Nichelle